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Excellent service, patient and knowledgeable!

“Our thanks to you for the excellent service you gave us during our visit to Integrity Auto. You made our car buying experience very easy, by asking questions, patiently answering ours and showing us the cars that met our needs and budget. We are very happy with our choice and have already recommended you to several of our friends. We know you will take care of their needs as well.”

Roy and Jessie MenezesMarch 6, 2012

New to Canada, kudos to Integrity Auto

“If people talk about you because of your competence, expertise and care, be happy about it. Let it build your confidence but hopefully not your arrogance. Thats how i would like to introduce the guy named JOHN NEVIS of INTEGRITY AUTO who assisted me when i pursued my dream of having a wheel of my own. For a new immigrant just like me, sometimes you are helpless and at the same time hopeful someone will truly help you out sincerely without just thinking of how to be able to convince you buy certain product for them to increase their sales., Ive been working so hard for almost a year just to be able to provide a better future for my family,and one of the necessity you would really work hard for other than your food everyday is of course a car so you would be able to explore the beauty of the place you decided to spend the rest of your life.. Thank God, i got one. I was surprised how JOHN assisted me with this. He took an extra time of not just convincing me but letting my 2 kids and wife in tears when he surprised them. I was just expecting him to deliver it, let it be checked, received and thats it, but he did something more than that,,The experience i had with him lead me to call all my love ones back home telling them how good this person was and im recommending his services to new hopeful immigrants . Ive been lured and fooled by some but this man deserves an accolade,, kudos to you guys,”

Mody MatiasMarch 28, 2012